Only confirmed tour dates are listed. VIP Experiences are available at most shows. If you would like to have FireHouse play at your event, please submit your request by completing the Booking Request form and a representative will contact you.
Jun 16th 2023
Sherman, IL
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Jun 20th 2023
Norfolk, VA
with Winger
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Jul 14th 2023
Choctaw, MS
with Bret Michaels
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Jul 15th 2023
Cedar park, TX
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Jul 20th 2023
Emmetsburg, IA
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Jul 21st 2023
Clinton, IA
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Jul 22nd 2023
Jefferson, IA
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Jul 28th 2023
Terre Haute, IN
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Jul 29th 2023
Beaver Dam, KY
with Steelheart, Jack Russel's Great White and Winger
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Aug 10th 2023
Oshkosh, WI
with Lita Ford and Warrant
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Aug 12th 2023
Black River Falls, WI
with Bret Michaels
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Aug 13th 2023
St. Michael, ND
with Lita Ford and Warrant
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Sep 1st 2023
Millersport, OH
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Sep 2nd 2023
Las Vegas, NV
Headlining Show
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Sep 29th 2023
Santa Fe, NM
with Warrant
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Oct 7th 2023
Norwalk, CT
New England Rock Fest
VIP Coming Soon
Nov 4th 2023
North Tonawanda, NY
VIP Coming Soon
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